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Item Number: 48kW
Manufacturer: GE
Manufacturer Part No: 48kW

48kW Home Generator System


Power Even More.

Customize your family’s backup power. Designed to meet the demands of large-square footage, high-tech homes, the commercial-grade 48kWstandby generator helps ensure that when the power goes out, all of life’s luxuries in your house will have backup power.

The 48kW1 standby generator features a GM Vortec 1,800 RPM engine that is more fuel efficient and quieter than 3600 RPM engines, for budget and neighbor-friendly operation.

Featuring our Symphony® II power management technology the 48kW1 home generator system gives homeowner’s backup power for everything in their home. The 5 year limited parts and labor warranty is one of the best warranties in the industry.




  • Symphony® II Power Management

The patented Symphony® II power controls offer a whole house solution for virtually every size home. Most high wattage appliances require a large and expensive generator to meet the demands of a larger home. With Symphony® II Power Management, you can manage the power demands of even the most power hungry appliances.

  • 5-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty2

The best in the business and your guarantee of quality and performance.

  • Durable and Weather-Resistant Enclosure

Galvanneal steel provides years of rust-resistant, outdoor protection—perfect for extreme weather conditions.

  • World Class Performance

8 cylinder GM Vortec engine at 1800 RPM provides sophisticated yet extremely durable industrial grade power – perfect for the high power demands of larger homes.

  • Automatic Backup Power

The transfer switch continuously monitors your home's connection to utility power. The standby generator starts automatically when there is a power outage and shuts down automatically when utility power is restored.

  • Easy Monitoring – Remote System Status

The included remote monitoring system allows you to check standby generator status without ever leaving the house.

  • Availabilty

This standby generator is available for sale in all 50 states.







Items Powered


Refrigerator                       Stove                           Microwave


Television                          Computer                    Water Heater


Dryer                                 Sump Pump                 Deep Freezer


Whirlpool Tub                   Well Pump                   Lift Pump


Washer                              All Light Bulbs

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