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Price: $8.86
Item Number: APC-US201
Manufacturer: US SEAL
Manufacturer Part No: APCUS201

U.S. Seal Mfg. PS-201 Replacement Pump Shaft Seal PS201


The PS-201 Seal fit the following pumps: Swim Quip: XL, VI/XL, VII Series American Products: Americana, Bronze-Noryl Sta-Rite: Dyna-Glas, Dyna-Max, JW/JWPA Series, Max-E-Glas II, Max-E-Glas II Pre 1998, DJ/JS/JT Series, Dura-Glas II, Dura-Glas II After 06/00, Dura-Glas II Pre 1998, Dura-Jet Hayward: Max-Flo, Super Pump, Super Pump II ITT Marlow: Argonaut, Mardur Jacuzzi: Magnum, RC-Series Pentair/Pac Fab: Hydropump Premier: 120T Series, 225/255 MKII Series, 300 Series, 325/355 Series, 725/756 Series Purex/Hydrotech: AH Series, L-Series


*Note: Whenever your replace you motor you should also replace the pump seal and inspect the pump orings.


The PS-201 Seal fits the following pumps:

Mfg part #'s in () American Products:

Americana (395005)

Bronze-Noryl (395005)

Hayward: Max-Flo (SPX1600Z2) Super Pump / Super Pump II (SPX1600Z2)

ITT Marlow: Argonaut (38592-00)

Mardur (38592-00)

Jacuzzi: Magnum (10-1502-09)

RC-Series (10-1502-09)

Pentair / Pac-Fab: Hydropump (354001)

Premier: 120T Series (31-812), 225/255 MKII (31-812), 300 / 325 / 355 / 725 / 756 Series (31-812)

Purex / Hydrotech: AH Series / L Series (P28300 / 071728)

Sta-Rite: DJ / JS / JT Series (37400-0027S / U109-358SS)

Dura-Glas II (37400-0027S / U109-358SS / U109-372SS)

Dura-Jet (37400-0027S / U109-358SS)

Dyna-Glas / Dyna-Max (37400-0027S / U109-358SS)

Dyna-Jet (17351-0101S), JW / JWPA Series (37400-00275S / U109-358SS)

Max-E-Glas II (37400-00275S / U109-358SS / U109-372SS)

Swim-Quip: XL, VI/XL, VII Series (37407-0009)

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